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Leavenworth, WA


Founders,  Drs. Steve and Anne Berman, offer their NASA Award Winning STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum to people, ages 5-105.  Topics ranging from architecture, artificial intelligence, augmented & virtual reality, biotechnology, design thinking, engineering, genetics, marine sciences, music, space exploration, and much more. The science of movement is explored through gymnastics and theatrical combat. Learning this new knowledge in the context of current and historic events, as well as literary and various media themes, youth DIGIVATE with LEGOS, virtual reality, robotics and upcycled materials to create new inventions, write plays and stories, present theatrical performances and design new worlds. 
Innovation Year-Round
Ages 6-14

NASA Award Winning Innovation Academies, Collaboratories, Home School, Afterschool, Clubs and Day Camps

Sample Offerings, Flexible Programming based on Student Interests and Experience:

NASA Award Winning Innovation Academy

LEGO Robotics, Rocketry, Design Thinking & Games.

Ages 8-12

Creative Technology Academy 

World Building using VIVE and OCULUS Virtual Reality, Robotics and Python Coding.

Ages 10-14

World Building: LEGO + Arts Imaginerium

Ages 5-10

Art & Science of Harry Potter

World Building Wizardry: Theatre, Humanities, Artistry, Chemistry and Quantum Physics, Genetics, Quantum Tunneling, Multiverses, and the Theory of Everything.

Ages 7-12

Camp Half-Blood 

Ages 8-14

Ancient Greek Philosophers and the Theory of Everything

Create the next chapter of the Percy Jackson and Olympian series with theatrical combat, story-making and greek-inspired innovations.

NASA Award Winning Science of Movement Academy

Ages 7-12

Train like an Astronaut & Olympian!

Gymnastics and Parkour exercises are experienced through a science lens! 

Innovation Sci-Fi Fantasy & Theatrical Combat 

Ages 8-14

Theatrical combat course focusing on swordsmanship, role-playing, story making, set and costume design. Topics include anthropology, archaeology, biographies, ancient and futuristic civilizations, geo and space science, fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, and time travel.

NASA Award Winning Innovation & Literary Camp Half-Blood, Harry Potter Camp, Fandom Camps, DIGIVATIONS XGENS Model United Nations Academy
Leavenworth, WA