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NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS' mission is to “Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators." DIGIVATIONS' STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum focuses on development of critical thinking and applied skills preparing future mentors and leaders to tackle global challenges.


The Founders of DIGIVATIONS Education Ventures (Canada) DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE (US Federal 501(C)3) and DIGIVATIONS XGENS (Model UN) are Anne Deane Berman, Ph.D. and Dr. Steven Lee Berman. Both were former professors at UCSB and UCLA, respectively. They represented the entire University of California establishing one of the most successful industry-university matching grants programs in digital technologies and content (Advanced Computing- SETI@home, AI, Precision Agriculture, Drug Discovery, Energy, Intelligent Infrastructure, Remote Medicine, 21st Century Entertainment, among others) generating over $300 million in revenue for the State of California from the late 90’s through the mid-2000’s. Dr. Anne Deane Berman​ is also an internationally performed composer and a former faculty member at UCSB, Iowa State University and University of British Columbia. 

Heavily influenced by the United States and U.S.S.R. Space Race, Dr. Steven Lee Berman has served as a materials and computation engineer writing computer programs to analyze some of the first moon rock samples, and he also contributed to the research and design for some of the most advanced engineering and bioengineering applications including the Space Shuttle's heat shield.  For the past 30 years, he has actively served as an Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Corporate and Non-Profit Attorney in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.  He continues to be involved in numerous educational, technology and interactive media content start-ups and established the first formal enterprise to connect Silicon Valley technologists and creatives with the then more established entertainment corporate and talent communities in Hollywood (see Wired Magazine Article​). He also co-designed the curriculum for the first Digital Media Masters Degree program in Canada at the Great Northern Way Consortium Campus in British Columbia, Canada (ECU, UBC, BCIT and SFU).

Dr. Steve has also established economic partnerships and designed innovation pipeline programs for cities, governments, states, universities, and countries including founding the California-Canada Strategic Innovation Partnership which focused on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Nanotechnology, as well as Advanced Transportation and Energy.

Both Drs. Steve and Anne Berman established a NASA award winning STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT 501(c)(3) educational non-profit in the United States, DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE, and Innovation & Literary Camps featuring the world’s first and only overnight Camp Half-Blood (for which Jacob Berman was the creative force and a Founder); Harry Potter Campincluding Harry Potter Sustainable Universe focused on teaching students and adults about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how to implement creative works and innovations supporting them, and Camp Fandom. To date, Drs. Berman through DIGIVATIONS have taught over 5,000 students, ages 5-25.

DIGIVATIONS also established and operates its educational programs in BC, Canada through an entity known as DIGIVATIONS EDUCATION VENTURES​. The collective programs also focus on professional development having taught 2,000 educators and community innovation entities. 

Through our organizations, many high school and college students have received substantial benefits ranging from service credit hours and other awards, positions in our organizations and other professional enterprises, and university scholarships based on their work in our programs. 

Drs. Bermans’ current focus is on further developing its high school, Running Start, university and young professionals Model UN non-profit initiatives, DIGIVATIONS XGENS​, and its academic and industry programs focused on the application and implementation of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time. 

All the best, 

Dr. Steven Lee Berman and Anne Deane Berman, PhD


Co-Founders, Steve & Anne Berman

There is nothing better than building your life around what you love and value the very most. My love and thoughts are with my friends and founders of Digivations - they build their business with both their values and their passion front and centre. It's admirable and exceptional - all at the same time.

-Jane Boyd, Parent

DIGIVATIONS™' is a family affair!  Our daughter, Clara, teaches with us when she's not in medical school.  Our son, Jacob, is our teaching assistant and poster boy!