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For Parents, FAQ

Q. Who are our students?

A. We keep enrollment small for each camp, between 20-30 students with a camper/faculty ratio of 5/1.  In the last five summers, over 420 students attended the overnight Camp Demigod with more than half who return each summer building life-long friendships with like-minded youth. Campers came from California, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, San Francisco, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia (Vancouver and Northern BC), Mexico, and South America.   Faculty and counselors came from the US, Canada, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Q. Why provide the gift of DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod to your amazing child?

A. Camp Demigod is operated and led by world class faculty in a beautiful, natural and rustic environment and serves as an oasis for your child to explore their inner world, strengthen their confidence, and recognize their unique abilities through interaction with a community of their peers. Camp Demigod Campers enjoy similar journeys and quests with other Campers since they feel safe exchanging their thoughts, designs, creations and passions while making a meaningful difference in the world, and having FUN.  

Q. Why World-Building, Roleplaying and Innovation through Greek Mythology, Fantasy, Steampunk &  Science Fiction? 

A) DIGIVATIONS is committed to advancing multidisciplinary education and methodologies which empower youth to improve literacy in all fields, self-confidence, self esteem, and establish a foundation for life long learning while acquiring knowledge and wisdom.  Theatrical Combat, Martial Arts, Quests & Missions help to bring different worlds' to life in the idyllic setting of Leavenworth, WA. A mash-up is where SF/Fantasy (speculative fiction), Steampunk (Re-imagining the Victorian Age with futuristic technologies), Mythologies from different cultures (Middle-earth to Ancient Asian influences through the elements) and Dystopian Societies are blended together through the awesome creativity of our campers with the support of our world class faculty. These mash-ups are threads which run through both camps and intertwine literature, media including film and television, along with music and the visual arts and fashion and costume design also serving as ingredients.

Q. What is a Mash-Up?

A.) A mash-up is where SF/Fantasy (speculative fiction), Steampunk (Re-imagining the Victorian Age with futuristic technologies), Mythologies from different cultures (Middle-earth to Ancient Asian influences through the elements) and Dystopian Societies (Hunger Games, Divergent Trilogy) are blended together through the awesome creativity of our campers with the support of our world class faculty.

These mash-ups are threads which run through both camps and intertwine literature, media including film and television, along with music and the visual arts and fashion and costume design also serving as ingredients.

Q. What are Campers Doing?

A.) Camp Demigod students' will use their imaginations and creativity to create, write, produce, and direct improvisations, films and games. Campers' works will be brought to life through the skills they will develop and hone participating in classes encompassing innovation/sphere of influence, art, music, tactical training including theatrical swordsmanship/combat (historical), martial arts and thai chi (focus on bending), and training like an astronaut. Campers will also create costumes, armor and weapons, as well as real and virtual sets using different computer programs, rockets and robots, among other materials. 

Q. What about Play & Social Time?

A.) All the above will be supported through a myriad of activities ranging from hiking through the Demigod Lodge and its 23 acres surrounded by national forests, beautiful trails, walking the many river banks, and river rafting or paddle boarding down the Wenachtee River. Downtime also provides campers with the opportunity to play a variety of board and card games and just chat and speak freely among themselves about their passions while also creating bonds as they explore their inner voices. Read more...

Q:  Two, Four weeks at camp?

A:   As veteran camp directors, we can enthusiastically attest to the value of a two or four-week experience. By the 3rd or 4th week of a full summer session, campers can see for themselves the progress they’ve made building new skills, gaining self-confidence and forging important relationships. Youngsters can and do grow in ability and make great friends in a one-week session at camp. But in our experience they reap more than twice the reward in four growth-filled weeks as they do in one week. While some families’ summer plans preclude a whole month at camp, we urge those for whom it’s possible to opt for the longer season, knowing that children realize lifetime benefits from the experience. Please call Dr. Steve and Dr. Anne to talk over your child’s readiness for 4 weeks at camp – or your own.

Q: How large is Camp Demigod’s student body? What are the ages of the students?

A: Camp Demigod maintains an intentionally small student body of approximately  20-50 students, between the ages of 8 and 17. The student/faculty ratio is 4/1.  Students, age 14+, may also qualify for a Counselor-in-Training residency. Students who have entered college or university, regardless of age, are no longer eligible to participate as students or counselors in training, yet may be excellent candidates for our counselor program.

Q: Who are your students and applicants?

A:    Our students come from all over the world. Since our inaugural year in 2012, nearly 300 students and faculty have come from North America, South America, Great Britain, and Cyprus.  Successful applicants to DIGIVATIONS programs are high achieving students in science, technology, engineering, math, and humanities with an imaginative spirit and a desire to create – using arts, music, drama and movement as the medium. 

Q: Do students attend our programs for more than one year?

A: Yes, frequently they do. The average tenure as a DIGIVATIONS students is two-three years.  Some students return as Counselors-in-Training and Counselors.

Q: Where do students live?

A: Camp Demigod students are housed in cabins,tipis, tents or the main lodge depending on age. They are grouped according to age and gender, and adult counselors live in the cabins with the students. We do our best to group children with their friends.  

Q: Does DIGIVATIONS Institute offer financial aid?

A: Yes. Approximately 66% of our student body receives need-based financial aid each year ranging from $100 - $550 per week. However, our financial aid budget is limited, and therefore financial need and specific abilities which enhance the Camp culture must be factors in admissions decisions.

Q: What are the dining services like?

A: The entire Camp Demigod community gathers three times a day at the picinic tables at the Big House. Two snacks and a big evening dessert are offered.  We employ excellent cooks, and meals are served buffet style, with varied and ample selections. Efforts are made to accommodate certain specific dietary restrictions.  Fruits and vegetables are served throughout the day, but if your child is a vegetarian or gluten free, we ask you to contribute additional funds toward the preparation of your child's meals.

Q: Who are DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod faculty & staff members?

A: There are 5-8 senior faculty who hold advanced degrees and are experts in their fields. Outside of the summer session, DIGIVATIONS faculty and staff are distinguished in a wide variety of fields, ranging from Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Fine Art, Dance, Literature, Theatre, Music Composition, to Theatrical Combat and Marshal Arts. Counselors must be at least 18 years old and be at least two years older than the campers with whom they work. All camp faculty and staff are trained in safety regulations, emergency procedures and communication, behavior management techniques, child abuse prevention, appropriate staff and camper behavior and specific procedures for supervision. Full background checks in British Columbia, BC and Washington, US are required of all faculty and staff.

Q:   What experience does the leadership team have in operating an overnight camp?

A:   DIGIVATIONS Co-Founder Dr. Anne Deane Berman was instrumental in redeveloping and growing one of the world's leading summer music schools for children ages 9-18 known as the Walden School For Young Composers (School/Camp/Festival) in Dublin, New Hampshire. She was affiliated with the school for 25 years as a student and faculty member.  During the last nine years of her tenure, she was a senior faculty member and board member. Dr. Steven Berman, DIGIVATIONS Co-Founder also supported her in this effort.  His overnight camp experience includes being very active with the BSA camp in NJ for years where he taught archery, swimming and skeet, and earned several merit badge classes on route to his Eagle Scout path, among other activities.  Together, through DIGIVATIONS, Drs. Steve and Anne have taught over 4,500 k-12 students in homeschool, afterschool, summer day camps and professional development for teachers. 

Q: What courses does DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod offer?

A: Students take four classes. Each student is enrolled in ImagineSTEM:  Innovation from Ancient Greece to Commercial Space (DIGIVATIONS unique and activity-based approach to teaching innovation and entreprenureship based on current and historical events), and three enrichment courses encompassing arts (including visual and dramatic) and movement (theatrical combat and martial arts.)

Q: What do the students do when they are not in class?

A: There are several free periods throughout each day so that students have plenty of time to build relationships through unstructured time, games (Majic, Dungeons and Dragons, Bionics), sports, mountain/river time, and more.   Recreational activities include mountain hiking, refreshing swimming trips to nearby Wenatchee River (10 minute drive from camp) and games/sports such as ultimate Frisbee, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and archery. During camp, the community gathers for a skit night so that students, faculty, and staff can perform for one another in a casual setting – humorous skits, songs, recital music, poetry, dance and more are presented for the whole community to enjoy. Quidditch & Capture the Flag are always on the agenda, as well as bonfires.

Q: Who provides supervision of the students when they are not in class?

A: It is Camp Demigod’s philosophy that by participating together in all levels of community life, faculty, guest artists, staff, counselors and students create an environment where close, respectful relationships can develop and innovation/creativity may flourish. Therefore, in addition to teaching, our faculty members assist full-time adult staff members and CITs in overseeing the non-academic aspects of our program. This includes living alongside the students in cabins, eating meals together, supervising free time, and participating in various school-wide recreational activities.

Q: What about internet, television, video games, and computers?

A: There is no individual computer time unless it relates to a specific project where students use a monitored computer lab (Virtual Reality, robotics, programming, Minecraft and other building/resource games, and different story/movie making digital tools) to create virtual sets for plays, quests or other artistic expressions.  There is limited internet only which will be restricted to the computer lab. We strongly urge your children to leave personal electronic devices at home.  Additionally, studies from the American Camp Association have shown that students who leave their devices at home gain a bigger sense of independence. Camp Demigod is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen equipment—child/camper and/or parent/guardian assume all risks.