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Meals and Cabins

Camp Demigod features a unique large Demigod Lodge for faculty and unique hand-made cabins for campers with a huge Tipi located on 23 private acres with its own private road. Neighboring the Camp are hundreds of acres of US forest lands where quests and role playing take place.

Camp Demigod has access to the second most visited community, Leavenworth, in WA state, with Seattle serving as the most visited location. 

Camp Demigod campers will go on field trips to Leavenworth to buy games, ice cream and candy and enjoying the beach at the Wenatchee River.

Faculty and students sit down together for three well-rounded and delicious buffet meals a day, picnic style around the Big House.  We are mindful that everyone eats a well balanced meal, which sometimes requires gentle encouragement.  We also provide two healthy snacks a day with an evening dessert.  Although we serve plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, we offer special vegetarian and gluten free options to students who require them for an additional fee (see registration options).
There are rustics cabins, tents and a huge authentic Tipi walking distance to new washrooms with toilets and showers with hot and cold water.  6-10 campers share a cabin with a counselor who is at least 3-4 years their senior. There are new mattresses, some bunk beds and cots are provided, but campers must provide all their bedding, towels and toiletries.  As part of their registration, students are invited to tell us their choice of godly parent.  For Camp Half-Blood campers, they choose 3 of their top demigod choices.  For Camp Fandom, they can choose from a wide variety of fandoms (Dr. Who, Avatar, Demigods, Harry Potter, etc.). We try to accommodate the campers' top choice, taking into consideration creating even numbers of campers in cabins.
Tipi used for storytelling, innovation classes, games, and down time.
Bath house