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DIGIVATIONS’ ImagineSTEM Innovation & Creative Exploration Program


Advanced/Gifted Classes:  


This DIGIVATIONS class is for students with previous DIGIVATIONS experience or who are advanced/gifted learners passionate about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), Creative Arts, Humanities and Movement -Kinesthetic activities.  Students will be grouped according to criteria including age, passion and demonstrated hands-on experience engaging with multidisciplinary subject matter.  These projects may include NASA materials, electronic circuits, upcycled projects, rockets, roller coasters, robots and science kits with some game programming and LEGO sprinkled in.  The activities are designed for diverse learning styles (aural, visual, kinesthetic) to stimulate students’ multiple intelligences inspiring them to become the next generation of innovators. All DIGIVATORS in all our classes work together in teams to present an end of term project which they self- direct. All classes will be supported by a tailored course specific DIGIVATIONS™ Interactive ImagineSTEM™ blog.

Traditional Learning Academy: Surrey

What Parents and Teachers are Saying:

This award-winning, NASA approved, interactive and engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) class is an outstanding program for all students, in particular for advanced/gifted students.   My son took part in it this fall and absolutely loved it!  (He can't wait for the next session to begin!)  Drs. Anne and Steve Berman are passionate about what they teach and about children, and made an extra effort to connect with each child during each and every class. - Melinda Johnston Harder, TLA faculty & Parent

Here is a typical final project: an original student robot play with Minecraft sets: