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Children become confident digital storytellers through combining their own music and voice recordings, images and text. Students bring their favorite characters to life while they learn about storyboarding with images, simple digital audio recording and editing.   The class session ends with a public performance of the students works.  Material fee of $20 for supplies.


Nurtures musicians in the art of composing music with  a computer.  It can be an exciting first introduction to music making or a supplement to traditional music lessons.  At DIGIVATIONS™, students learn to use high-quality recording equipment and current computer software programs which manipulate and transform sound to complete a small-scale creative project over the course of the session.  Each workshop ends with a public performance of the students works.  Material fee of $20 for supplies.

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications for this program! 

One of our students, age 6, was obsessed with a new movie he had seen, "Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeaqual"  He researched the characters and other movies on the internet using google and youtube, drew pictures of the characters, wrote fan mail to Alvin.  The result is this collage of sounds that he chose by dragging and droping GARAGE BAND loops, recording his and family members voices, filtering them to sound like chipmunks.  DIGIVATIONS faculty put all the materials together to create this fantasy.  As one listener said, it reminds him of kids playing in a tree house!