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"DIGIVATIONS Education Ventures is a unique program that brings the worlds of science and art together.  Through discussion of current and historical scientific theories, research and figures, students explore these topics by creating with a variety of materials.  The aspect of creativity lends itself to innovation - a large component of what DIGIVATIONS strives to encourage in students.  Drs. Steve and Anne Berman have created an educational program that merges their unique backgrounds and expertise.  Their distinct fusion of the academics and the arts provides students with a unique basis for learning that is not offered in other programs within Delta Parks, Recreation and Culture nor any other programs in the surrounding municipalities. DIGIVATIONS students come out of the program with a greater understanding of the world around them.  With new like-minded friends, these students learn, have fun, and are inspired to think outside the box to create new and innovative ideas and products."

-Jacqueline Hamilin
Recreation Programmer
Tsawwassen Arts Centre
Delta Parks, Recreation and Culture

BC and NEXT GENERATION Common Core Standards Addressed

DIGIVATIONS™ unique interdisciplinary curriculum where storytelling contextualizes an active learning experience using robotics, hands-on science, and music addresses many elementary standards in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Drama, Music, as well as STEM subject standards. In addition to British Columbia Prescribed Learning Outcomes Standards,  the curriculum and some specific classroom activities are mapped to the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA), the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). 

NASA Award Winning Innovation Academy

Ages 8-12

LEGO Robotics, Rocketry, Design Thinking & Games

Collaborate creating new inventions and designing solutions to engineering, scientific, and global grand challenges while leaning 21st Century STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT themes: alternative energy, design, engineering, extreme eco-systems, commercial space & transportation, genetics, synthetic biology and the Singularity. Using story and game making technologies create final projects and contribute to an ImagineSTEM blog. Computers provided for robotics. Learn More

Creative Technology Academy 

World Building using VIVE and OCULUS Virtual Reality Technologies

Robotics & Game Programming: Minecraft, Python or MIT’s Scratch

Ages 10-14
Creative hands-on activities for passionate students who want an overview of computer languages for games. Use digital apps to capture designs and post them to the DIGIVATIONS™ ImagineSTEM™ blog. Computers and VR equipment provided. Programming students bring their own laptops which they use to work on their projects during and after class. Their laptops and iPads will also have their favorite game programs preloaded. 

World Building: LEGO + Arts Imaginerium

Ages 5-10

Design, play & create new worlds through bricks, structures & performance arts

Have fun & innovate using LEGO bricks, simple machines, Serious Play models & NASA rockets that come to life through story/movie making, drama & games. Solve engineering & other 21st Century challenges through imaginative building and actively using multiple intelligences. Learn More

Innovation Sci-Fi Fantasy & Theatrical Combat 

Ages 8-14

Imaginations come alive in this action packed theatrical combat course focusing on swordsmanship, role-playing, story making, set and costume design. You enter a world of fantasy, science fiction, and innovation where role-playing as their favorite character is the ticket to socializing, creating and learning. Engaged in a wide range of topics like anthropology, archaeology, biographies, ancient and futuristic civilizations, geo and space science, fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, time travel, and more, you will present your stories through dramatic play and computer presentations.

Literary Themes with STEM

Art & Science of Harry Potter

Ages 7-12

World Building Wizardry: Theatre, Humanities, Artistry, Chemistry and Quantum Physics, Genetics, Quantum Tunneling, Multiverses, the Theory of Everything

Here, Two Heads are Better than One! Escape into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and learn about the potions, flying and magical beasts of JK Rowling's series. You will wear the infamous sorting hat to select their House: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Curriculum focusses on world building when we share some interesting perspectives of how JK may have conjured up the World of Hogwarts. You will learn the chemistry of and make potions, the physics and fantasy behind magic including theories of flight and the 'right stuff' behind the Nimbus 2000, as you play games of Quidditch. We introduce basic concepts of genetics to learn about the different traits and qualities of the beasts that wonder the Halls of our own Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including werewolves, dementors and banshees. Along with the sciences, the art of making wands and the lessons behind spells will be important. You will also make costumes and write stories including their own Harry Potter story chapters. 

Camp Half-Blood 

Ages 8-14

Ancient Greek Philosophers and the Theory of Everything

Create the next chapter of the Percy Jackson and Olympian series.  You will learn theatrical combat, story-making, myth-writing, and create greek-inspired innovations as well as your own weapons which you take home. You use your inventions and new strategic tactics on your quests to find and defeat the ancient monsters that roam nearby.


Advanced Seminar 


Classes are 1.5-2 hours long

Workshops are 3-4 hours long

Collaborate creating new inventions & designing solutions to engineering, scientific & global grand challenges. Learn 21st Century STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT themes while incorporating BC PLO's thru DIGIVATIONS ImagineSTEM curriculum: design, engineering, extreme eco-systems, commercial space & transportation, life sciences, sustainability & humanities. Students create projects from their imaginations & research after a discussion of current & historical events inspiring them to become the next generation of innovators. Hands-on projects may include NASA materials, electronic circuits, upcycled projects , rockets, roller coasters, & science kits with some game programming & LEGO sprinkled in. Experiment with World Building using VIVE and OCULUS Virtual Reality Technologies. Using story & game making technologies students create final projects & contribute to an ImagineSTEM blog. Students bring their own laptops or iPads.Learn More

ImagineSTEM LEGO, Sci-Fi World Building

Ages 6-12

Classes are 1.25-2 hours long

Workshops are 3 hours long

Students will meet or exceed their state and provincial learning outcomes in science, technology, engineering & math (STEM), as well as language & creative arts. Imaginations are ignited exploring, learning & having fun while designing & building with LEGO, story making, producing, directing, role playing, & using theatrical combat techniques as students collaborate on projects.  Older students experiment with World Building using VIVE and OCULUS Virtual Reality Technologies.


Our students gain exposure to unique opportunities ranging from local, regional and national science fairs, game, robotics and music competitions, inventor showcases and internships with well known universities and companies. 

Contact Anne Deane Berman directly at Phone: 604-628-9825 (Vancouver) 360-543-5641 (Washington) 818-206-8705 (Southern CA)